Exercise 1.3: Line part 1

27th January 2021

Leading lines and vanishing points are used to guide the viewer’s eye to a subject or an area within the frame. The perspective that they form give the sense of depth and three-dimension. Lines do not always need to be straight to convey depth as seen in the image below of a staircase.

In the OCA folder the photographer Eugène Etget is mentioned and an accompanying photograph of his is given as an example of using lines to create depth. I have researched Atget further and bought a couple of books about him and his work. The post can be found by using this link: Eugéne Atget …Discover the vertical line…

Photo by Tine Ivanič on Unsplash,
unsplash.com (accessed 28th January 2021)

This exercise is looking at how we can use lines within a composition to create depth perception.
I have titled my series of images ‘It’s All About the New COVID Life’ which looks at place in images and how the current pandemic has changed it. There are two titles for each photograph, the first title is the title connected with our old world place and the second title is an off hand title which reflects the new place in time that we live in.

It’s All About the New COVID Life


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