Assignment One: Submission and Feedback

26th February 2021

Below: Assignment one submission to tutor:


I love feedback both in written form and via an online video conference tool. The reason for this is, I am able to communicate with someone I can talk to about photography above the level of the ‘click’ of a mobile phone (usually selfie orientated with that mouth open style which looks like your trying to catch flies for your tea). This contact enables me to move forwards in my practice and I am able to ask questions, but most importantly, for me, is the pointing in direction to further research, which I love.

The opening statement in my formative feedback was very positive, ‘In many ways the process and thoughts behind this project are above level one! it’s really strong and has some well researched areas’. During the video meeting my tutor also said that I ‘get what photography is’, which is nice to hear someone say especially as the art world in which I mingle is unfortunately not conceptual based. Finding like minded photographers is very difficult when you live virtually in isolation without any contacts. However, with the OCA the students are plenty so I have joined their Facebook groups and have began to chat in the forums.

Reviewing feedback

  • Interestingly I have found out that using the map is called ‘mapping’ psychogeography conceptual framework which is an area that I will research further. My tutor has also pointed me in the direction of Mark Power and ‘mapping’: 26 DIFFERENT ENDINGS, therefore the mapping research will include Powers.
  • My tutor has pointed out mistakes in my written work, ones that are quite obvious when you are told about them. For instance, I did not say where the shoot took place or the camera I was using. When writing up the assignments I have to remember that the readers to my work were not on the shoot with me so my explanations have to be tight and informative. I have also been told to include links to my blog in the assignment to show viewers where extra research had been completed. This will enable the assessors and any other person reading the write ups to see research posts that back up my project. For instance, I had written about technical problems with white balance but I had not sign posted the reader of my assignment to the research which importantly shows that I went on to learn about the problems I was encountering which in turn informs my practice. I have also learnt that I need to include actual practical work in these extra research posts, for example for the white balance I should have taken photographs of a scene using the different white balance modes and write up the differences etc…

Therefore I will re-visit posts and add practical research to the theory.

  • Where I had written about Keith Arnett as an influence to my assignment I actually hadn’t included enough information on how and why he was influential. The reason however was because of the tight 500 word count we had. My tutor has said that I shouldn’t expect the reader to go and do the research, ‘…being aware to not invite the reader to go and research on your behalf and report back’. However, yet again, I did have in-depth research on Arnett but I hadn’t sign posted the reader to the blog post.
  • Harvard referencing needs to be stronger which I feel is just practice. I have printed the whole handout and put in a folder so I can keep it with me during write-ups, I will also use sticky notes and place them on my Mac for the most used Harvard referencing formulas.
  • Evaluation of images – Terry Barrett’s formula. I have printed this out and annotated the papers and put them into my file. The formula is now stuck to my computer.
  • Many of these sequencing ideas are complex and perhaps above level one assignment. Later as you approach Context and Narrative we can look at Jörg Colberg- Editing and Sequencing’. I have already started to bookmark internet pages with this information on ready for a more in-depth look.
  • Technical matters – ‘This will come in time as you work through the module. Research and summaries then apply: 2021 I will look at the web page and take notes and also study the ‘Hyper-focal’ distance as suggested by my tutor. I actually do not understand what he has written in this section so definitely more research is needed here as this is an important part of constructing images.
  • Read about Photo Pedagogy Threshold Concepts and study, write blog post.
  • Tidy up my workflow practice for assignment submission: name files, send high quality jpegs. JPG files = subject_date_my initials_version. I am not sure what version means though so I will have to find this out.
  • The last area for development is connected with submission where I forgot to send in my annotated contact sheets.

I could actually kick myself for the amount of obvious over looks in my submission, for example, I hadn’t sent my contact sheets to my tutor. This may seem trivial but I am annoyed as it was written in black and white and it would have been good to note if annotations on the contact sheets were along the correct lines or if there is an area to improve.

Over all I am happy with the feedback that I received as my tutor has given me plenty of areas to research which will strengthen my technical skills when using the camera as well as developing theory and writing skills for assignment submission and research writing.

The assignment has been re-written and the link to the post ‘Re-written Assignment One Submission‘ can be found here.

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